Beauty Base Essentials

Beauty Base Essentials

Magda Warner 2022-03-14 03:25:57

According to a survey, women spend over 55 minutes a day getting ready to do their hair and makeup. Whilst it is essential to look good, spending time pampering yourself is not really time wasted as long as it makes you feel good. However, we will not deny the fact that the statistic might sound a bit alarming. 

There is a way to reduce the makeup time, especially for those last-minute meetings, an unexpected surprise or date night on the go. You would require a list of handy items to get yourself the ultimate care and hydrating dewy look.

While there are multiple products and vanity equipment you need to provide yourself with the ultimate glam, we have curated a list of 5 must-have items for women to achieve the all-time look and be able to carry a toned up complexion on the go.


Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

For an instant boost of hydration and glam Luminous Dewy Skin Mist makes up for the first item on the list. There is no correct way of using it as it can be used over or under makeup. However, the spray is recommended for people with dry or normal skin. People of all skin types can use it. Make it part of your goody bag for a more refreshed look on the go and to avoid the cakey look after makeup by putting a couple of sprays to dampen up the makeup.



A simple winged mascara can spice up the look tenfold, and no wonder it took the second spot on the list. Naturally, our eyebrows and eyelashes are light. Only a few people are blessed with organically long eyelashes and brows. And even those people use mascara to make their eyelashes and eyebrows more prominent. 

The mascara acts as a saviour, thereby enhancing the effect of natural complexion and bringing out our best features. A good quality mascara should be able to elongate your eyelashes curl and darken them enough to increase their noticeability.



Tint acts as the rescuer for your uneven skin tone and dark spots. Good tints provide coverage against the skin while maintaining a more matte and finished look, evening out all the skin patches and dark spots.

Often people think tinted moisturizer is wrong for your skin and hate to break the myth to you, but it is only accurate if you give up your already existing skincare. People frequently mistake tinted moisturizers for their actual ones. Think of it as an extra boost of hydration for your skin. Nonetheless, Make sure to get a tinted moisturizer according to your skin type to reap the maximum benefits.


Lip Color

It indeed is our go-to product to fix up a quick party look or for a last-minute meeting. It restores the natural plump of your skin by providing it with the much-needed dose of hydration since it is made of aloe vera and vitamin E extracts. Often lipstick contains ingredients that provide coverage against the Harmful UV rays. Provided you have chosen the right shade in regards to the complexion of your skin. It will surely brighten up your skin and smile. For a drap to diva transformation, make sure to include lipstick in your rescue bag.


Cream Blushes

While travelling to colder regions or if you are situated in a colder area, cream blushes restore the moisture lost due to cold air and can be used as a substitute for lip colour. How would it look that I am unsure of? However, it can slide away from the skin in hotter climates, giving you a muddier or drippy, which is never a pretty sight. That being said, it is essential to carry around if the places you are planning to visit are cold.



A concealer is going to be the saviour when it comes to being a victim of discolouration and pigmentation. It will act as your guardian angel when with acne scars and face marks. It will hide the dark spots and fill large pores as if they never existed in the first place. A concealer is a work of beauty if done right and correctly. We would recommend using a foundation or powder or underneath.


Pro Tip: Look for a concealer one or two tones lighter than your skin shade for a brighter look and prolifically hiding the dark spots.


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