Building The Best Skincare Routine Paula Choice
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Building The Best Skincare Routine Paula Choice

Magda Warner 2022-03-07 05:30:42

Having glowing and radiating skin is not inherited and certainly not related to your DNA. Your daily habits account for 80% of the outcome of your skin. Ultimately caring for your skin and protecting it is the way to go.

So you are looking to start a skincare routine? And just like me, naive about the whole process and the dynamics of each product. The right products for your skin and in what quantity you should be using each of those products. Need not worry as we have got all the bases covered for you. 

Results with skincare take time and do not show signs overnight. So, you have to be patient, if you are willing to see the change. Regardless of your skin, make these three steps a part of your daily habit and start noticing the change in how your skin radiates after a year.

Cleanse: the process of removing toxins from your skin.

Treat: Treating is a broader term, which includes cleansing, exfoliating, protecting it from UV rays, and so much more.

Moisturize: Making your skin less dry and keeping the pores closed.

You might already be familiar with cleansing and moisturizing, but what does treating your skin involve?

It is a whole process, which includes relying on multiple serums and creams filled with essentials that are necessary for your skin, such as alpha, hydroxy acids, vitamin c, Retinol, and much more. Honestly, it depends on the product you choose for yourself in reference to your skin type and your desired results. According to experts, treating your skin is the most integral part of any skincare process.

We have reached out to several dermatologists To recommend the best products and regime to follow, and here is what they suggested.

 The All Star Morning Skin Care Routine


In every skincare routine, face cleansing is the foremost thing to do. Your skin and pores and the dust from the environment make your skin dull. The cleanser will help in cleaning the impurities from the environment and unclogging the pores of your skin. The key here is being gentle with cleansing. When washing the face too much, you lose natural oils and fats in the skin, which technically will pull the skin cells apart allowing room for debris and bacteria to enter the skin, causing infections and inflammation. says the Dr.Roberta Del Campo MD, an expert of this field. Here, the goal is to clean your skin while keeping all the necessary nourishment produced through the natural process. I have found the pore normalizing cleanser to be very effective, as it removes the excessive oil without any itchiness and dryness.



 Toners are often misunderstood for irritation, making people skip them.

But with advancements in science, that`s not the case anymore. The toners recommended by dermatologists serve antioxidants, vitamin B, and acids that are essential to restore the natural Ph level of your skin. Rigorously washing your face with soap can tip the pH towards very basic, but toner brings it back to level, creating the ever longing glow. However, dermatologists recommend using the toner according to skin type upon asking if they recommended a generic toner if you don`t have any specific skin issues.



Serums are an integral part of the skincare process. They provide antioxidants soothing extracts from plants, helping ton down oily skins and faded dark spots filled with nutrients and concentrated with vitamins to address specific skin issues. However, most doctors recommend using a super reactive serum in protecting the inflammation of the skin caused by UV Rays. If you want to remove discoloration and bring back your natural complexion, Serums are necessary.


Eye Creams

Being considerate is a delicate process since the skin around the eyes is a lot thinner than the skin on our faces. It is vital to treat it with a lot more care. It is better to start caring for your eye skin in your twenties than later in life. Eye creams help in smoothing the wrinkles and bring out the natural look of your eye. Making it a part of your daily skincare routine can reduce chances of collagen loss and fine lines occurrence over time. 


Sunscreen must be the last step of your morning skincare routine. We have mentioned several times over the course of this article the importance of UV rays, and there is no other way to protect your skin from the sun than using sunscreen. Applying sunscreen after the moisturizer might take a while to absorb. However, doing vice versa i.e. applying sunscreen first will reduce the effect of moisturizer. It is absolutely vital for this to be the last step. 

Try using a moisturizer sunscreen that keeps your skin hydrated while protecting from the harmful sun rays.

Every dermatologist we talked to unanimously emphasized the importance of sunscreen. Every step of the process has its own perks. If you have a hard time opting for which store to shop from, you can always head towards paula`s choice because each of their products has shown exceptional results during the trials. The company aims to bring innovation day by day by providing skincare essentials to the general public.