How To Create A Photo Wall?

How To Create A Photo Wall?

Magda Warner 2022-05-19 02:14:17

It gets significantly hard to decide which path to take when it comes to decorating your own house and creating a place with a vibe that delivers a picture of you every time you look at it. Where to have the images and whether it is going to be a permanent look of the Wall. The wall art you choose to go for will define and decorate the room available while complimenting the furniture and enhancing the look and feel of the room. 

There are several things one can do to decorate the walls in their offices or homes. The options include framed pictures such as paintings and drawings that can be bought or made by friends and family. I have found the most prominent one and have done it in my place on the photo gallery wall. 

What Is A Gallery Wall?

The concept is relatively new and has garnered immense popularity over the past few years. Many decor blog posts might have termed it tacky and not long-lasting, but gallery art has been around for hundreds of years, and it has been a staple statement for many to express themselves.

Gallery walls, commonly referred to as saloon walls, can be defined as collections of different pictures and memories, framed artifacts and photographs, and personal items hung or stuck to a well to create a dramatic effect.

It Immediately becomes the center of attention as you walk into a room or an office space while giving a whiff of your personality and personal taste. It is better than a feature wall and wallpaper in a homely environment. However, it might not be the best fit for all types of office spaces.

When it comes to gallery walls, there are two main options.

  1. The first way is to use your photograph and pictures and mix it with art by putting the images in the optimum size frames to hang on the Wall. However, hanging it on the Wall also means ruining the outlook if you ever decide to change your mind.
  2. The second way is to purchase a set of frame wall art which can be found in both portrait and landscape and can also be mounted on the Wall.

Get Started On Your Wall Of Pictures

Even with the information provided above. It is not enough to decide where to begin when one starts thinking about creating a photo wall at home. This is why we have broken the process into simple steps

  1. Collection: Inspiration is necessary for creating the gallery wall. Take pictures of moments, artifacts, nature, and anything that fits in your definition of the vibe. You can check out coffee shops, restaurants, and exhibitions to get an idea, but it needs to be original. While you are at it, you should be thinking about the size of frames, whether you want them to be identical or mix and match several sizes.
  2. Theme: Once you have enough photos and moments, the art you enjoy, it`s time to pick a theme. It can be personal, such as happy moments, When we were all together, Trip 2019, or rather general. The point of the theme is that it has to be speaking to you on a personal level. Keeping in mind the furniture and color of the Wall is also essential while you narrow down your option for a theme.
  3. Decide on a number: How many pictures do you need to fill the photo wall. Do you prefer odd or even numbers of frames? This basically depends on your preference. There are several online examples of how to arrange the number of frames you have decided upon.
  4. Organize: Some people might find this step hard. However, if you have an eye for craft, this must be a simple step. Lay the frames down on the floor, and take pictures of them altogether. Make sure to leave room in between the frames while setting up on the floor. Now the important thing is to figure out if anything does not belong on the Wall. Thanks to multiple pictures, you can always add and remove pieces.
  5. Frames: We have mentioned the sizes but that is not all the frames are about. It`s also about the color and shapes just as much. It would be best if you decided whether you would like the frames to blend in or be in contrast with the walls. You can always use a combination of different colors and be bold about the Wall. White frames usually give off a more subtle look when it comes to interior design. On the contrary, black frames are more suited for a restaurant or industrial-themed interiors.

Where To Order?

Once you have all the variables narrowed down for you, it is time for you to place the orders regarding the pictures and frames in the right sizes with the best possible quality outcomes. The old way is to hang them using nails, which ultimately ends up destroying the look of your Wall. However, mixtiles bring you frames that are friendly to your walls and can be moved around whenever you want to without leaving a dent on the Wall. 

Another thing that makes the mixtiles stand out is their number of frame styles. Unlike the usual boring frames, you get the option to choose between six timeless designs. Pick the one that works well with your theme.  

Now all that`s left for you is to lay back and enjoy the masterpiece you have created. The best part about the photo wall is that it can be easily replaced in case of a mishap. You can also change the Wall from one season to another. Just pick the pictures or art you want to take and replace them with new ones for a new theme.